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Category Archives: meta

Visualizing Command Line History


So, after documenting how I save a timestamped log of my bash file, I got curious about what kind of analyses I could pull out of it. (caveat: I only started this logging about a month ago, so there aren’t as many data points as I’d like. However, there is enough to see some interesting […]

What we can learn from Folksonomy


Outward-facing Questions: The great thing about delicious and folksonomy is that it creates an ontology as an emergent biproduct of individual self-serving efforts (that is, personal bookmarking). I’m wondering if we can take a similar tact to solve other AI problems. Inward-facing Questions: What is the best way to represent the evolution of a tag’s […]



Talking to a friend last week, an interesting idea came up: We don’t just consume information, information also consumes us. My attention is a scarce resource, and different ideas, media, schools of thought, compete for it. (This is what makes multidisciplinarity hard). It makes me think twice about metaphors for learning that compare research and […]



Phew, Ning is meme-du-jour. It’s basically a web toolkit to create social software. It’s the first product I’ve seen to come out of Marc Andreesen’s stealth startup 24 Hour Laundry. (reference) My hunch might be wrong, but it seems to be web2.0 applied to raw application development. What I mean is this: the typical read-write-web […]

MediaWiki no more


I came to the realization that while MediaWiki worked, it was hideously industrial-strength for my purposes. Ditched it in favor of MoinMoin. MoinMoin has turned out both snappier (especially when I run it from a mac ;) ) and easier to customize/hack. There’s a handy conversion tool to port MediaWiki data to MoinMoin format, but […]



Dude, Portuguese Fado has got to be the most meta music on earth.



Richard Cameron’s brainchild CiteULike is a social software driven, web-based content management system for academic papers. It’s a lot like (socially-browsable, public bookmarks, organized by tags and folksonomy rather than by strict hierarchy), but with more support for the metadata typical to academic papers. It also imports and exports to bibtex, for low barrier-to-entry. […]

Backchannel Verdict?


Backchannel was good, and backchannel was fun, but was I the better or worse for having participated in it? I usually take personal notes at these types of conferences, and with IRC up the whole time the backchannel became my offboard note-taking file. This is good because my notes got to synergize with other peoples’, […]

Social Software Brain Dump: Blogging Now So I Don’t Regret It Later


Tonight marks the end of an entirely filled weekend, and really all I want to do is soak my brain in a big bucket of ice. Much more intellectual stimulation than I usually get in such a short amount of time. The cause of all this was a conference workshop on Social Software in the […]

Social Software and Armchair Academians


A few weeks ago, Sarah Lohnes put out a call for lunchtime discussion topics for the upcoming Social Software in the Academy Workshop. Well, the more controversial and future-looking the better, I thought, so I suggested the following: What will happen to the Ivory Tower as social software makes advanced research more accessible to the […]