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Monthly Archives: February 2005

The Burnt Out Ends of Smoky Weeks


Late yesterday afternoon was an anti-climactic end to a weeklong binge of paper-writing, as my advisor and I sat down to examine our ICALT paper and realized that–because of lack of performance data on the ASR system that my work receives as input, and because of lack of overall pedagogical effectiveness of our project–the paper […]



Instantes Si pudiera vivir nuevamente mi vida en la pr�xima tratar�a de cometer m�s errores. No intentar�a ser tan perfecto… me relajar�a m�s. Ser�a m�s tonto de lo que he sido; de hecho tomar�a muy pocas cosas con seriedad. Ser�a menos higi�nico. Correr�a m�s riesgos, har�a m�s viajes, contemplar�a m�s atardeceres, subir�a m�s monta�as, nadar�a […]

Language As Cultural Artifact


In addition to my research at USC, I’m auditing Second Language Acquisition class by John Schumann over at UCLA. The class is a refreshing break from the Chomsky-loving Theorists that comprise the Linguistics department over at USC. Not that Generative Linguistics is as horrible as some people might say, but it’s great to get diversity […]


Telepolis has an interview with Slavoj Zizek entitled “Hysteria and Cyberspace”. Deep, deep, good stuff. Do you know the function ‘undelete’ in computers? The problem with computers is not that something can be erased: you worked all afternoon and then have a power failure and it’s gone. Okay, these things can happen. But you know […]

Ethics Code Violations For Professors Too?


Every class at my university starts the semester off with a good 15 minute long lecture by the professors telling us that we should do our own work, not copy from others’ when such an action is not fitting, and always list our sources if we do use someone else’s work. Now, we’ve had two […]

Ads in RSS Feeds


In the future, will we all need spam filters for our RSS feed readers too? Chalk up another one to Clay’s “social software is stuff that gets spammed” theory.



So, I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying an iBook sometime in the near future (within the next couple of days?). I’ve been considering it for a while now, need a laptop, and the price is definitely right, especially for Apple quality. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a 12″–$900 is a good price, the […]

Artwork Remixing


Johannes at MonoChrom has an amazing project going on right now. He’s taken four old black-and-white drawings of chainsaw and wood, and invited netizens to use them as inspiration/illustration for graphical novel shorts. His replies have been amazing, especially in their spread of subject matter. Ranging from introspective to psychotic to (probably my favorite, by […]