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Monthly Archives: January 2006

SQLObject Woes


Don’t get me wrong, I still love SQLObject. The way it abstractifies database engines is very nice, and the way it treats SQL code in a pythonic way is absolute poetry. But it doesn’t seem ready for primetime. Two things that have been painful this last week: Evidently, you can’t have a boolean table column […]

Settling In


An entry of more personal flavor: It’s been almost a month now that I’ve been married. Life is slowly settling back to normal. Our bed finally arrived today (no more sleeping on two unequal-height twin mattresses pushed together, THANK GOD). The books are getting unpacked and the pictures are getting placed on the walls… There’s […]

Art, (In)security, Surveillance


While doing my best to shake off digital guilt, I’ve been slowly reading through the backlog of weeks of unread blogs in my spare time. We Make Money Not Art had a great commentary, Panoptic Insecurity, on an installation entitled Gun Control. Gun Control is an electromechanical installation, which explores underlying issues of both security […]



Back now. And married, too! Strangely enough, not much is different, with a few subtle exceptions: our kitchen is a bit more well-equipped from the wedding gifts I get to wake up every morning next to a beautiful woman our apartment is an absolute mess from all the moving boxes I suddenly have a little […]