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Monthly Archives: June 2004

Parsing Sigalert


Been wanting to do this for a while: has wonderful data that can be mined, with regards to patterns in freeway traffic. It’d be great to harvest and analyze traffic trends. TODO: email Ken (urban planning/transportation PhD at UCI) to see if they have any data i can steal email sigalert to see if […]

stuff i want to learn


vi procmail mutt cron wget arabic hindi german lisp or scheme the use of subliminal psychology in day-to-day interpersonal interactions how to use cards as deadly throwing weapons

firefox extensions


from a /. thread this morning: firefox extensions (here are some hacks to get them to work in 0.9.1 again like they did in 0.8) tabbed browser extensions adblock good adblock rules

email processing


USC (because they don’t want to go to too much trouble when they’re subpoena’d, i guess) is deleting all 6-month-or-older mail as of Sept 2. I need to find some other solution for syncing my mail both on home and work machines. gmail is providing good caching, though it would be nice if i could […]

Eclipse v3.0


Wow, my life is a bit more complete! Eclipse v3.0, a beautiful Java IDE made by IBM, was just released this morning…

The Prisoner of Azkaban


Just heard a replay of Elvis Mitchell’s “The Treatment” on NPR this evening, that started off with a wonderful interview of Alfonso Cuarón, director of the latest Potter movie (and also the director of Y Tu Mama Tambien and A Little Princess). The high point of the interview occured when Cuarón discussed how he would […]

hungry enough for dinner


Problem constraints: It’s supposedly “breakfast” time here, but my stomach is still on Italian time and i’m hungry enough for dinner… Nothing in the house but nonperishables, i’ve been gone for 3 weeks and my apartmentmate has an aversion to shopping… Craving Chinese food–haven’t had any quality chinese food in ages, due to my time […]

UK music


all this good stuff we never got in the states… went to a club in Sheffield two nights ago, where they were playing 80s music. half of the songs were “oh yeah, i remember this”, and the other half were… well, they were 80’s sounding, but it was like i’d had a lobotomy and they’d […]



1405 : arrive Manchester picked up from airport by Sarah Check out Sheffiled, hang w/ Maria & Sarah’s family (and Dan too)

photo album for my trip