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Monthly Archives: November 2004

The New School of Ontologies


A paper I wrote on ontologies (and, more directly, folksonomy) for a databases class I’m taking. Summarizes much of the thought that’s out there in the blogosphere. There’s a lot more I wanted to cover, but I was space-constrained. Here’s a preliminary version, full of rushed thoughts and unpolished wordsmithing. Will upload a cleaner, more […]

Oh Little Voices Of the Throats of Men


An untitled, unpublished-’til-1996 favorite of mine from T.S. Eliot’s youth.
A little rough compared to his later work, but the earlier Eliot feels more approachable in his unpolishedness. Simple and eloquent.

Ontologies, Taxonomies, and Folksonomies


Am writing a paper on “folksonomies” as contrasted with vanilla ontologies for a databases class. Really, it’s a contrast between distributed classification vs professional annotation (which is, in turn, a microcosm of what’s happening thru the web at large–blogs vs newspapers, blah blah blah). The paper is just a short thing, 5 pages. And for […]



How to reset the admin password in wordpress. =p

Tags, Relationships, Links


It hit me after installing tomboy a little while ago: the current state of tag-based information representation theory, as painted by flickr, gmail, delicious, etc., is that of tags as very limited-scope metadata. What I mean is this: Given a document, say this blog entry, I have different scopes of metadata. The “date” metadata item […]

Stabilization of Technology


I can’t wait for the day when computer and display technology stabilizes the way that mechanical technology has. I can buy a quality wrist-watch, and 5, 20, 50 years from now, it will still be functional, aesthetic, and useful. The cell phone that I bought this year will be behind-the-times a year from now and […]

Time Enough For Research


Just realized I’ve been spending alltogether too much time in my PhD research doing software development, and not enough time doing actual research. So, as of now I’m going to spend a self-enforced 15% of my time doing actual research-type stuff, keeping abreast of current literature in the field, etc (and hopefully blogging it here […]

Human-Computer Collaborative Approach to Computer Aided Assessment


trying to blog my research : Mary Wood from University of Manchester just gave a talk on “A Human-Computer Collaborative Approach to Computer Aided Assessment“. Abstract: The ABC (Assess by Computer) system has been developed and used in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester for formative and (principally) summative assessment at […]

Elections, The Morning After (or, Why I Didn’t Vote)


And Bush Jr. has won. As a Christian I support the morality he says he stands for, but can I really trust the moral integrity of a man that attempted (and, most scarily, actually succeeded!) to pull the wool over his country’s eyes and link the 9/11 tragedy to his completely separate agenda for Iraq? […]

My Vote


For technorati’s pseudo-election, I’m Unregistering to Vote. The linked site wasn’t made by me, but I commiserate with it regardless of if it was intended to be satire. feeling disillusioned… Quoted below: Dear Secretary of State; I am a registered voter of Kansas who would like to rectify that. First, let me say that I […]