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Monthly Archives: May 2004

UK Itinerary


phew…i think i finally got all this ironed out… 2004/06/02 (Wed) 1610 : Depart LAX Northwest Airlines FLT: 8602 Seat 27H Boeing 747 2004/06/03 (Thu) 1140 : Arrive Amsterdam 1345 : Depart Amsterdam Northwest Airlines FLT: 8743 Fokker 100 1405 : arrive Manchester Terminal 1 picked up from airport by Sarah Check out Sheffiled, hang […]

realworld colliding with the online


Strange… I had been following the Semantic Compositions blog , along with a few others of the linguistics/AI ilk, for a good number of months now. I’d never given a second thought to who was behind SC’s anonymity until I came across this post this morning. It was quite strange to read about Laurie’s mixer […]

Borges: Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius


Hilarious. Evidently, Wikipedia used to have an entry for Uqbar that followed in the spirit of Borges’ original story, Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius. The story is an amazing work of art, blurring in the mind of the reader the lines between fiction and nonfiction, reality and nonreality. Borges basically tells of this imaginary (?) world […]

AI-Grads Weekly Reading Group: Tim Berners-Lee: The Semantic Web


What: The Charter Meeting for the AI Grads Weekly Reading Group Where: 9th Floor Conference Room When: 2004/05/27 @ 1300 Topic: AUTHOR: TIM BERNERS-LEE, JAMES HENDLER and ORA LASSILA TITLE: THE SEMANTIC WEB SOURCE: Scientific American v284 no5 p34-43 My 2001 Grab it here: Tim Berners-Lee: The Semantic Web – my thoughts to follow… a […]

“assert” in java


using assert in java

2:33, pressed return.