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Spent a lazy Sunday afternoon at the Getty, mostly looking at a handful of Monets. Aside from being beautiful, they’re amazing glimpses into visual processing into the human brain. Impressionism is, at its core, lossy compression, right? (To digress a bit, I look at Impressionism as a reaction against photography, which says to itself “Look, […]

Magritte Thoughts


Went to see the Magritte exhibit at LACMA today. Thoughts: I’d never thought of the parallels between The Red Model and cyborgs/cybernetic enhancement before =). Likewise, I stared at The Human Condition for a good 20 minutes, and couldn’t help but thinking about AI agents and World Models Everything in the Treachery of Images section […]

Monet’s Lilies Shuddering


Monet never knew he was painting his “Lilies” for a lady from the Chicago Art Institute who went to France and filmed today’s lilies by the “Bridge at Giverny” a leaf afloat among them the film of which now flickers at the entrance to his framed visions with a Debussy piano soundtrack flooding with a […]

Information, Knowledge as Art


Came across Newsmap this afternoon, a google maps mashup by Ben O’Neill today that plots locations mentioned in BBC news on a map of the world. The implementation was neat, but I can’t help but dream of what this could be like. Imagine a map of the world (perhaps OLED, mounted on your wall), with […]

Artwork Remixing


Johannes at MonoChrom has an amazing project going on right now. He’s taken four old black-and-white drawings of chainsaw and wood, and invited netizens to use them as inspiration/illustration for graphical novel shorts. His replies have been amazing, especially in their spread of subject matter. Ranging from introspective to psychotic to (probably my favorite, by […]