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Monthly Archives: November 2005

The Most Devious of Emotional Manipulation


Just do a google image search for happy baby.

Information, Knowledge as Art


Came across Newsmap this afternoon, a google maps mashup by Ben O’Neill today that plots locations mentioned in BBC news on a map of the world. The implementation was neat, but I can’t help but dream of what this could be like. Imagine a map of the world (perhaps OLED, mounted on your wall), with […]

AI Scaremongering


This post on boingboing, “Google: our print scan program has no hidden AI agenda”, which points to this ZDNet story cracks me up. Talk of a “hidden AI agenda” just cracks me up–it feels like scaremongering, of some lumbering, lovecraftian, inhuman intelligence, artificial intelligence. When questioned on whether a renaissance of the general paranoia about […]

Bibliographic Management


Bibliography Management Linkdump: Bibdesk : an excellent BibTeX database management system. Beautiful. But for mac only. jabref : an open-source, java BibTeX database management system. Lacks Bibdesk’s panache, but not bad. bibtexml: an excellent tool. Takes .bib files, converts them to xml, and then uses DTDs or XSLTs to mark them down to html APA, […]