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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Talk at NCCU


Giving a talk at NCCU while I am in Taiwan this summer, entitled Creating a Virtual Language Tutor that Understands Learner Speech . Not the most exciting of titles, I know. Feel free to ask me if you are interested in attending. Here is the abstract.

Spam in the Post-Turing-Test World


The recent combination of getting a lot of pseudo-conversational-type email spam, and getting to know an online friend whom I’ve never met in real life has triggered an interesting thought: When (if) we solve the AI-hard thing, when we’re able to make virtual agents that can carry on conversations and social interactions just like real […]

Thru Which Lenses?


It all depends on which set of glasses you use to look at reality, I guess… Another entry from McSweeny’s lists: Three Items at the Supermarket I See in a New Way, Now That I’ve Read Some Books on Literary Theory. This is brilliant. // TODO: insert witty and sublime metaphor about Supermarkets and Life […]

Backchannel Verdict?


Backchannel was good, and backchannel was fun, but was I the better or worse for having participated in it? I usually take personal notes at these types of conferences, and with IRC up the whole time the backchannel became my offboard note-taking file. This is good because my notes got to synergize with other peoples’, […]


The waves that tower over us Betray tomorrow

Social Software Brain Dump: Blogging Now So I Don’t Regret It Later


Tonight marks the end of an entirely filled weekend, and really all I want to do is soak my brain in a big bucket of ice. Much more intellectual stimulation than I usually get in such a short amount of time. The cause of all this was a conference workshop on Social Software in the […]

Summer Taiwan Trip


????????,??? ??????June 19?July 5????? ???????????,??email???????????????? ??????????blog??????????????????????????, ??????????????????? (p.s. sorry if my Chinese is bad… I have forgotten too much since I came back to the U.S.!)



As of Monday evening, I finished the last final exam I’ll most likely ever take in my life. Wow. It really was a whimper-type rather than a bang-type ending. The class was Algorithms, the one that I’d put off taking for all of my academic career ’til now. Not because it’s not an interesting subject […]

Social Software and Armchair Academians


A few weeks ago, Sarah Lohnes put out a call for lunchtime discussion topics for the upcoming Social Software in the Academy Workshop. Well, the more controversial and future-looking the better, I thought, so I suggested the following: What will happen to the Ivory Tower as social software makes advanced research more accessible to the […]

On Things Folksonomic


Stefano’s Linotype has a good essay on emergent folksonomy, especially how it applies to and the different-people-use-the-same-word-to-mean-different-things problem. His solution to colliding semantics is to augment syntax to document things. This is good, but it overlooks the fact that I myself might use the same tag to refer to different things.