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Now Githubbing


Have started uploading

Tea Drinking Notes, Yuanlin


1. Oriental Beauty (fully oxidized): honey flavored, sweet and dry. light wheat notes, but mostly a strong honeyed flavor. Reminded us of darjeeling. 2. 10y aged Taiwanese oolong: quite sweet flavored and salivatory-making. Very smooth and drinkable, though a little too simple and un-nuanced for my tastes. 3. 2009 loose-leaf black puerh (puerh leaves, but […]

2011 – Let’s see if we can pick this up a bit.


An idle search for my name over the weekend yielded the harsh reality that my friendster profile from 2002 is at the top of the results. If it had been any other page, I would have been complacent about the state of things. But… Friendster? Really? Wow. Just wow. I think I’m going to need […]

Quantum Mechanical Effects in the Brain?


<delurks> I’ve been seeing евтини мебелиPenrose’s quantum mind theory gain more and more traction lately. Every time I turn around there’s a new discussion about it, a new paper published, or a new blog entry… all proposed by intelligent people that I respect. It brings to mind a theory that I heard a long while […]

Cognitive release?


Twittering provides just enough cognitive release that I haven’t been feeling the blogging itch. It’s so much lower-maintenance.

Back from NY


Spent this last week in NY, for a summit on Machine Learning for work. Had a wonderful time. Networking-wise I found the experience much better than academia (more possibility, ease for future collaboration with the folks I met). Jetlag did a number on me (going to sleep at West Coast Time, then waking up in […]

I can has consciousness?


Conversations at work recently have turned again and again to consciousness and self-awareness (what, you thought “Android” was just a phone? ;) ). Now, I’m not going to belabor the point with discussions of artificial intelligence and yet another amateur’s resummarization of Searle’s Chinese Room[1]. Instead, I’ve been thinking about self-awareness in groups of humans. […]

Weekend hacking


Two things this weekend: Port/migration/(possible downgrade) of my personal wiki to an earlier version of MoinMoin. I kept on getting a “CacheNeedsUpdating” error. Source diving and hack patching was no help. Fix was to go to “data/pages” directory, and run find . | grep “/cache$” | xargs rm -rf . Basically removed the outdated cache. […]



Migrating my life away from the ISI servers, as I don’t know how much longer I’ll have access to them. That means this blog needs a new home. And this is where it will stay, I guess, perhaps for the next decade at least… My email, too. It’s now nick-at-motespacedotcom. Hosting everything myself, away from […]



Ugh, circadians are all off today, what with daylight savings’ time. Yawn Circadian situation perhaps worsened by the weekend’s fun: On Saturday, got together with a 5 other Los Angelean tea-drinkers, and together we held a tasting of 12 different teas, drinking ~50 cups per person. The “theme” of the day was supposedly “light wuyi”, […]