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2011 – Let’s see if we can pick this up a bit.


An idle search for my name over the weekend yielded the harsh reality that my friendster profile from 2002 is at the top of the results. If it had been any other page, I would have been complacent about the state of things. But… Friendster? Really? Wow. Just wow. I think I’m going to need […]

On Microblogging and Feedreaders


I’ve been hearing more and more, “I don’t really use my Feedreader any more, I keep up to date with news and interesting links via Twitter, Buzz, and Facebook”.

So, now I’m wondering: can I extract and distill this interesting stuff from microblogs?

Cognitive release?


Twittering provides just enough cognitive release that I haven’t been feeling the blogging itch. It’s so much lower-maintenance.