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Monthly Archives: April 2006

On Rexa


Rexa, a new player in community bibliography management, was opened to the public a couple weeks ago. Here’s a blog post from the PI on this project (Andrew McCallum) who details the announcement, and a little more here, from Matthew Hurst’s Data Mining blog. A cursory use of the system shows it to be a […]

It’s All Relative


Signed up for a beta account on plazes, and, by pure coincidence, the one person online in my area was a guy named Greg Mote. This piqued my curiousity, so I dropped him an email. It looks like we’re related somewhere betweeen 6 and 10 generations back. Greg, if you read this, my apologies for […]

Monet’s Lilies Shuddering


Monet never knew he was painting his “Lilies” for a lady from the Chicago Art Institute who went to France and filmed today’s lilies by the “Bridge at Giverny” a leaf afloat among them the film of which now flickers at the entrance to his framed visions with a Debussy piano soundtrack flooding with a […]

Artists as Filters


I caught the Pelt Quartet down at the Jazz Bakery a while back, and–aside from the amazing music, of course–it got me thinking about the idea of artists as being filters, in addition to creators. Me, I wish I had more time to get into Jazz. Jazz music is like red wine–compared to white wine, […]

NY Times: We do not ride the railroad; It rides upon us.


“We do not ride the railroad; it rides upon us.” NY Times reports on journalists dumbing down headlines so that they can get higher googlejuice.