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Monthly Archives: August 2004

escaping www ads


Double-click cookie tracing opt-out

Only two more weeks now…


Earth as a Dynamic Desktop Background


Saw a link to the xplanet app recently, and been thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if I could set a real-time picture of the earth as my desktop background?” Turns out people have already done this. (note: this only has directions for Linux/Mac. As a hack for windows, you can add set up Active Desktop […]

Bookstore Plunder


My plunder from the tonight’s trip to the bookstore: Selected Odes of Pablo Neruda: wonderful immortalization of the everyday … This book is a collection of his odes on subjects like the moon on the ocean (a la luna del mar), a chestnut on the ground (a una casta

Grace as a Motivator


Titus 2:11-12: “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age” A counterintuitive concept, especially regarding the way modern culture paints “righteousness”. It is grace that allows us to live sensibly, deny worldly […]

Paradise Defined


Word-loans, and the evolution of language is always so interesting… they give a glimpse into the way that we think that isn’t always so readily seen from everyday life (kind of like using a hex editor to hack into your favorite program, to see what you can find hidden in there). According to Brad Delong, […]

Social Status and Walking Down the Street


Ming the Mechanic has an interesting post on social status, and how our perception of it affects the way we relate to other people. Imagine that two strangers are approaching each other along an empty street. It’s straight, hundreds of yards long and with wide pavements. Both strangers are walking at an even pace, and […]

Boo for C#


And just when i was feeling completely settled into Linux again, we have a meeting this morning where an Ordinance From On High tells me we must begin work in C# instead of Java. (why C#? why not even C++? they say the dev environment is better, or that it’s more like java, or that […]

The Subtleties of English


Been a lot of posts in the blogosphere about English: From mefi: “The British Library has compiled an online archive of northern speech dating back to the 19th century. The recordings range from from audio from Victorian cylinder dictaphones to 1950s football fans chanting.” From Language Log: “an experiment comparing how different English accents are […]

Khan Memes

05-Aug-04 Khan remixed with Office Space (i love the slow, slow speaking pace of the Office Space clip, and how it drags you along in expectation of the interruption. Simply masterful :) …)