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English Teaching plus Aerobics Mashup


This surreal Japanese video combines aerobics with practical English instruction. Looks to be from about 15 years ago, but it’s a timeless masterpiece–from the rakish, bandana-wearing gaijin to the M.I.A.-esque techno soundtrack to the serene happiness on the aerobics dancers’ faces. Or… if you’re a foreigner who would like to learn Japanese…



Back now. And married, too! Strangely enough, not much is different, with a few subtle exceptions: our kitchen is a bit more well-equipped from the wedding gifts I get to wake up every morning next to a beautiful woman our apartment is an absolute mess from all the moving boxes I suddenly have a little […]

The Most Devious of Emotional Manipulation


Just do a google image search for happy baby.

Thru Which Lenses?


It all depends on which set of glasses you use to look at reality, I guess… Another entry from McSweeny’s lists: Three Items at the Supermarket I See in a New Way, Now That I’ve Read Some Books on Literary Theory. This is brilliant. // TODO: insert witty and sublime metaphor about Supermarkets and Life […]

Artwork Remixing


Johannes at MonoChrom has an amazing project going on right now. He’s taken four old black-and-white drawings of chainsaw and wood, and invited netizens to use them as inspiration/illustration for graphical novel shorts. His replies have been amazing, especially in their spread of subject matter. Ranging from introspective to psychotic to (probably my favorite, by […]

Home English Home


A wonderful bit of web-based English pedagogy. Perhaps I can use this as inspiration for my work in our Tactical Langauge Training System.



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Only two more weeks now…


Earth as a Dynamic Desktop Background


Saw a link to the xplanet app recently, and been thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if I could set a real-time picture of the earth as my desktop background?” Turns out people have already done this. (note: this only has directions for Linux/Mac. As a hack for windows, you can add set up Active Desktop […]

The Subtleties of English


Been a lot of posts in the blogosphere about English: From mefi: “The British Library has compiled an online archive of northern speech dating back to the 19th century. The recordings range from from audio from Victorian cylinder dictaphones to 1950s football fans chanting.” From Language Log: “an experiment comparing how different English accents are […]