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I can has consciousness?


Conversations at work recently have turned again and again to consciousness and self-awareness (what, you thought “Android” was just a phone? ;) ). Now, I’m not going to belabor the point with discussions of artificial intelligence and yet another amateur’s resummarization of Searle’s Chinese Room[1]. Instead, I’ve been thinking about self-awareness in groups of humans. […]

Spam as Turing Test


I received an impressive spam a while ago. It was a comment to my SQLObject post a while back, telling me “Have you tried Ruby language? It has quite good database object system.” Not a bad comment, taken by itself. But the poster’s submitted website was clearly some search engine optimization type spam site. I’m […]

AI Scaremongering


This post on boingboing, “Google: our print scan program has no hidden AI agenda”, which points to this ZDNet story cracks me up. Talk of a “hidden AI agenda” just cracks me up–it feels like scaremongering, of some lumbering, lovecraftian, inhuman intelligence, artificial intelligence. When questioned on whether a renaissance of the general paranoia about […]