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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Memex and Bush: 60 years


Slashdot had a story commemorating sixty years Vannevar Bush‘s As We May Thunk. The signal-to-noise of comments on slashdot stories is usually too low to be good reading (even browsing at +5), but commentary on this story was surprisingly good. Notably, there was the link to this story on Bush by Wired. I find it […]



Welcome back to America, Nick: Monday: come down with cold Tuesday: Car broken into (while it’s parked in front of my apartment), CD player stolen Wednesday: Find out I’m being relocated at work, from 9th story window office to 4th story interior office

Elevator Spam


As a “welcome back to work” gift this morning, I find that all our elevators at ISI have been equipped with TV screens courtesy the “Captivate Network“. Ugh. “Captivate”, oh so aptly and ironically named. They’re basically small TV screens that deliver, via wireless update, “quality programming” (news, weather, stock quotes, advertisements) to riders of […]



Returned from the other side of the world late last week; Was a groomsman at my sister’s wedding in the little town of Yakima, Washington over the weekend. Now, making a feeble attempt to transition back into everyday life. Busy, busy, busy. Turned on my desktop this afternoon, for the first time in a month. […]