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Monthly Archives: March 2005

A Caveat About the Brain


One caveat off of last post, comparing the brain to a Turing Machine: Perhaps I should be more careful about making such comparisons. Throughout history, mankind seems to have always used the latest tech to talk about the brain. The ancient romans said the brain was like a catapult. Later, people have compared the brain […]

Thoughts on Cognition, Language Acquisition, Hard and Soft Sciences


Last week marked the end of my Second Language Acquisition class with Dr. John Schumann over at UCLA. The class was amazingly good. Dr. Schumann is an old-school applied linguist who, halfway through his career, decided that studying applied linguistics from a cognitive psychology background was futile without more practical grounding in how the brain […]

other conferences microaggregated


This is the internet breaking down social boundaries.

sxsw microaggregated


Some day, I need to go to SXSW–if only for the experience of being around so many creative nerds at the same time. I never see some of my friends so brimming over with ideas and vitality of life as when they come back from something like this… In the mean time, i can live […]

Fractional Dimensions


Dusk and fog flattten down the three dimensional reality outside into something a little more than two dimensions… Beautiful in a minimalist kind of way…

TactLang Progress


Our Tactical Language project continues to receive wonderful press and acceptance. We’ve been mentioned in the media in more languages than I speak–and even on NPR’s All Things Consideredlast month. It’s very encouraging. Definitely not your typical graduate thesis project.