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Monthly Archives: June 2006

What we can learn from Folksonomy


Outward-facing Questions: The great thing about delicious and folksonomy is that it creates an ontology as an emergent biproduct of individual self-serving efforts (that is, personal bookmarking). I’m wondering if we can take a similar tact to solve other AI problems. Inward-facing Questions: What is the best way to represent the evolution of a tag’s […]

Quals Tomorrow


Not too nervous about it, just want to get it over with. Putting on the finishing touches to my slides for tomorrow.

Finished the Dissertation Proposal


Ahhh, I’m done. Now, don’t that feel good. 71 pages on building a computational model of language learner errors. Phew, now to sleep.



Talking to a friend last week, an interesting idea came up: We don’t just consume information, information also consumes us. My attention is a scarce resource, and different ideas, media, schools of thought, compete for it. (This is what makes multidisciplinarity hard). It makes me think twice about metaphors for learning that compare research and […]

Aggregators for the New Age


I’ve never been completely satisfied with the ongoing state of feed readers. Too many of them take the “mail client” paradigm, in which the user interface is modeled after email readers, and makes the implicit assumption that you want to read every single item. This becomes a cognitive dilemma once one’s list of subscriptions becomes […]