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Monthly Archives: July 2006



It’s kind of meta, isn’t it? These guys are not marketing Che, but rather marketing the marketing of Che. Oh, you hipsters and your rapier wit.

English Teaching plus Aerobics Mashup


This surreal Japanese video combines aerobics with practical English instruction. Looks to be from about 15 years ago, but it’s a timeless masterpiece–from the rakish, bandana-wearing gaijin to the M.I.A.-esque techno soundtrack to the serene happiness on the aerobics dancers’ faces. Or… if you’re a foreigner who would like to learn Japanese…

Migrating From Quicken


A short while back, my wife appropriated my iBook. She couldn’t resist its OSX-y goodness. Until now, I’d been tracking my finances in Quicken on the thing, and, as I have very little love for Quicken on the Mac, this gave me a good excuse to finally migrate away. My primary machine is a gentoo […]