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Monthly Archives: June 2005



Last night, 6:30pm, at Hong Shu Lin station (????) (on the Red Line of the subway, the last stop before Danshui (??), where the subway goes above ground, out of Taipei city, in the more scenic semi-countryside), we watched the sunset and I proposed to my girlfriend. I guess this begins a new era of […]



been in taiwan for about a week now. forgot how oppressive the humidity is, and how good the fruits and vegetables are (amazing how things can taste when you breed fruits for flavor instead of resistance to pesticides/long-ripeness for shipping). had dinner with a couple blogger/social-software guys from Academica Sinica a couple nights ago. it […]



Urgh, LaTeX. Tools with clunky UIs, nonintuitive markup, unhelpful error messages on failed compiles, and a glass-cannon bibliography manager. Resourcelist: a latex primer mac-tex: latex resources for mac the one thing that made it worthwhile: automatic citeulike2bibtex export TexShop my latex tool of choice on the mac, for now Kile my linux-based latex tool-of-the-day (yes, […]

Mad Paper-Reading


Expanding our Eurospeech paper (which we found last week was accepted!) on modeling language learner spoken disfluencies into a full journal paper. Been re-acquainting myself with the masses of related work this weekend. A fun side effect is that I don’t feel so alone in my research any more. Here, where I sit, at the […]

pydev 0.9.4


neat! a new version of pydev (a python IDE plugin for Eclipse) is out. Among other fixes are good $PYTHONPATH handling and a more robust debugger. My day just got so much brighter =).

Programming-Binge and Crash-Sustainable Development


Saturday morning I had a great idea. I realized my work in modeling second language learner phonology errors was really an approximation of a finite state transducer framework. And the bugs and speed issues I had been dealing with for much of the last 3 months were not on the linguistics side but more on […]



Richard Cameron’s brainchild CiteULike is a social software driven, web-based content management system for academic papers. It’s a lot like (socially-browsable, public bookmarks, organized by tags and folksonomy rather than by strict hierarchy), but with more support for the metadata typical to academic papers. It also imports and exports to bibtex, for low barrier-to-entry. […]

Google Does Machine Translation


Neat, google is finally getting around to using their in-home statistical machine translation stuff, instead of Systran’s old rule-based. Been expecting this for a while, ever since they bought Franz Och from us here at ISI a year or two ago. Hehe, it’s funny to read layperson commentary on slashdot: There are five levels of […]