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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Bye, Leonard


(Wow, rare moment of exposing my personal world to the interweb…) This afternoon I took a bit of time off of work to grab lunch with Leonard and help him pack up the last of his stuff for the move up to San Francisco. Good times, and as always I said goodbye with my brain […]

Painfully Learning Zope


My research demands that I write an interface for native speakers to annotate sound files of learner speech. Up until now, my poor annotators had been using an excel sheet I generated via a python script, with one column that pointed to sound files on the web. It worked, and it had nifty features like […]

Newspapers, Magazines, and Books


I have been thinking about differences in media, specifically differences in the way we value them. Everything about a book says “I value this”. An author will invest more time/effort writing a book than a magazine article or a newspaper column. Books are made of better materials, expected to be kept around the house for […]

so who is going to build for me?


Lazyweb, I want Kthnxbye!

Kurzweil and Joy on Genetically Engineered Diseases


A good op-ed was in the NY Times a couple days ago: Recipe for Destruction. The article doesn’t address this point specifically, but i think a manhattan-project like thing that this article recommends is the only way that we’re ever going to get a cure for the common cold. In the existing System, there’s just […]

things elecronic


I think part of the reason I enjoy programming so much is that there is no entropy in what I create. Information gets out of date, standards change, yes, but that’s just a synchronization problem, not a Universe problem. Or is entropy a bad thing? It’s the enemy of order and structure, yes. But it […]



Wow, this has been one of the most exciting net.nerdiness days in a while. First Ning and now Upcoming (which has just been aquired by Yahoo!). Congratulations Gordon and Leonard (and Andy, who I don’t really know). While I can’t think of more deserving guys, and while you have my heartiest of congratulations, I do […]



Phew, Ning is meme-du-jour. It’s basically a web toolkit to create social software. It’s the first product I’ve seen to come out of Marc Andreesen’s stealth startup 24 Hour Laundry. (reference) My hunch might be wrong, but it seems to be web2.0 applied to raw application development. What I mean is this: the typical read-write-web […]

An Embarassing Confession


OK, time to be embarassingly, shamefully honest with everyone on the internets… I am a closet reader of Daily pictures of cats dressed up or with stuff stacked on them… Really, how can you resist?