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Category Archives: linguistics

The Problem with Linguistics


via LanguageLog: Linguistics will become a science when linguists begin standing on one another’s shoulders instead of on one another’s toes. –Stephen R. Anderson’s A-Morphous Morphology (Cambridge University Press, 1992):

Finished the Dissertation Proposal


Ahhh, I’m done. Now, don’t that feel good. 71 pages on building a computational model of language learner errors. Phew, now to sleep.

CALICO 2006 Call for Papers


CALL FOR PARTICIPATION CALICO 2006 ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM Online Learning: Come Ride the Wave Hosted by University of Hawaii at Manoa Honolulu, Hawaii May 16-20, 2006 Preconference Workshops: Tuesday, May 16 – Wednesday, May 17 Courseware Showcase: Thursday, May 18 Presentation Sessions: Thursday, May 18 – Saturday, May 20 Use CALICO’s on-line proposal submission form at […]

Learner Language Modeling at NICT


About a month ago, some researchers from NICT (Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) came to visit ISI and give a series of short presentations on their work. Among those presenting was Emi Izumi, a woman who is involved in research very similar to mine. She, and a few others over there, have […]

Mad Paper-Reading


Expanding our Eurospeech paper (which we found last week was accepted!) on modeling language learner spoken disfluencies into a full journal paper. Been re-acquainting myself with the masses of related work this weekend. A fun side effect is that I don’t feel so alone in my research any more. Here, where I sit, at the […]

Basal Ganglia, Birds and Humans, Chirps and Words


Via Great Minds Working and Slashdot: neurobiologists at MIT are studying the role of the basal ganglia in bird songs, in an effort to learn more of the BG‘s role in human L1A (first language acquisition) & language processing. Here’s MIT’s press release I think the fact that this comparison between birds and humans is […]

Thoughts on Cognition, Language Acquisition, Hard and Soft Sciences


Last week marked the end of my Second Language Acquisition class with Dr. John Schumann over at UCLA. The class was amazingly good. Dr. Schumann is an old-school applied linguist who, halfway through his career, decided that studying applied linguistics from a cognitive psychology background was futile without more practical grounding in how the brain […]

TactLang on Slashdot


Neat: our Tactical Language project was featured on slashdot this morning. The main link in the article pointed to a journal paper written by Ravi Purushotma, documenting his vision of customizing The Sims to teach German. From reading his paper (and his updates to the paper), it is unclear if this Sims system is more […]

Home English Home


A wonderful bit of web-based English pedagogy. Perhaps I can use this as inspiration for my work in our Tactical Langauge Training System.

Modeling Second Language Learner Speech


A week from now I’m giving a talk on creating a language model for second-language-learner speech (basically, my PhD research up to this point, and what will eventually become my thesis). Information: Speaker: Nick Mote Date: 10 Dec 04 Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm Location: Information Sciences Institute (Marina Del Rey, California) Abstract: ISI’s Tactical Language […]