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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Random Thoughts on Taiwan


Wrapping up my trip in Taiwan, I’m struck by a thousand random thoughts… Taiwanese fashion iterates more quickly than the United States! At a breakneck pace — and even me, fashion-challenged as I am, can see this. Before, I thought it was the result of less expensive clothes that can be bought for less and […]

Tea Drinking Notes, Yuanlin


1. Oriental Beauty (fully oxidized): honey flavored, sweet and dry. light wheat notes, but mostly a strong honeyed flavor. Reminded us of darjeeling. 2. 10y aged Taiwanese oolong: quite sweet flavored and salivatory-making. Very smooth and drinkable, though a little too simple and un-nuanced for my tastes. 3. 2009 loose-leaf black puerh (puerh leaves, but […]

Taiwan vs American Culture: Public vs Private


Taiwanese and American cultures have different divisions between the trichotomy of public vs private vs intimate life. Taiwan culture seems to strictly divide public life and private life, with much more relaxed boundaries between private and intimate life. American culture, in contrast, has a more relaxed division between public and private life, while maintaining a […]

2011 – Let’s see if we can pick this up a bit.


An idle search for my name over the weekend yielded the harsh reality that my friendster profile from 2002 is at the top of the results. If it had been any other page, I would have been complacent about the state of things. But… Friendster? Really? Wow. Just wow. I think I’m going to need […]