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Monthly Archives: January 2005

ICALT 2005


I’ve finally stopped procrastination, and my paper for ICALT 2005 is underway. I have most of my data gathered for results processing, so that’s no problem… but the paper itself isn’t separating from my brain very easily. I’ve managed to procrastinate on a fine array of things today. Semi-related mind-dump: I really like this quote […]



..the notes rose and they fell – moving with easy grace through the evening air and across the rest of her life… yes, we are, handfuls of dust, yet, made of stars, you have fastened, across the walls, of this room without ceiling, but our aimless exsistance is given meaning, when at the threshold, without […]

Nixie Clocks


Someday I’d like to build a clock made from old-school nixie tubes. There’s something warm, reassuringly retro about these things. Like the comforting clicks of old keyboards when you juxtapose them with the cold feedbacklessness of touchscreen inputs. Slick and streamlined makes for professional and productive user interfaces, I’ll grant you… but there’s something soothing […]

Apologies to Attempted Comment-Leavers


Looks like my blacklist plugin for wordpress had been overly-zealous about deleting comments left on Sardonick. I had accidentally enabled a (to me, misleading at configuration time, though not as much in retrospect) option that said “Delete comments which are already held for moderation “. This had the unintended consequence of deleting every new comment […]

Mediterranean Food


Was driving around Santa Monica last night with Mindy, trying to find an Indonesian restaurant that had been recommended to us, when hunger wins out and we finally decide to broaden our palates for the night. Good thing, too–we ended up at a small Damascan joint called Sham. Full of ambiance and good food. Grilled/stewed […]

google-driven voyeurism


a recent mefi post suggests a wonderful google query. This basically finds webcams that (un)intentionally publically broadcast on the internets. It’s so weird to see slices of everyday life from remote corners of the world… a japanese petshop a place called “ocean park” a busy street in macao a random spot in the university of […]

this moment in time


a cup of hot oolong on the table in front of me. yellowish candlelight nearby and bluish rainlight outside. bossa nova strumming nearby and patternless noise of water drops outside. and my mind a thousand miles away, buried in the poetry of this Borges book, La Moneda De Hierro. but, then, blogging about it does […]

TactLang on Slashdot


Neat: our Tactical Language project was featured on slashdot this morning. The main link in the article pointed to a journal paper written by Ravi Purushotma, documenting his vision of customizing The Sims to teach German. From reading his paper (and his updates to the paper), it is unclear if this Sims system is more […]

Experiencing Structured Procrastination


I read John’s essay on Structured Procrastination a while ago, and while I thought I understood it at the time, I didn’t understand what it meant for me until this morning. Over the last two weeks of relaxing, I barely touched that ever-growing stack of links in my *toread box on delicious. This is all […]