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Monthly Archives: September 2004



A google search for “terrorists could” turns up thousands of links from the media and their fearmongering speculations



Just got Mozilla Calendar installed. Now, as of version 0.8, it can finally read Apple iCal format files, which is what I’d been waiting for. Looks nice and shiny, lots of promise. Still, there’s things that need to be done Import all the base holiday dates (Apple’s iCal library page has them) Write a script […]

Choosing a Wiki


Looking for a good personal wiki. There are too many choices out there. Need something robust/fully featured enough to do what I need, and simple to install. Blog integration would be nice, as would facets/labels (a la and gmail). A google for “wiki feature comparison” brought up this: Wiki Choice Tree, which in turn […]

Thunderbird Extensions


Customizing Thunderbird… (for future reference) Thunderbird: No New Window on Double Click Quote Colors View Headers Toggle Button



Running commentary on the www implemented as wiki

CPAN and You


How to use CPAN to install a perl module CPAN Frequently Asked Questions

Switching from Windows To Mac


And i would, if Macs weren’t so darn expensive. For the unknown future, then: A slashdot story had a bunch of good comments on the subject. Here are some links to good mac apps:

configuring sftp


here’s something strange… if you want to set up sftp on your machine, you need to make sure that the path to the sftp server is included in the user’s default path who is logging in using sftp. An old article on redhat forums gave me some hints on where to start, but didn’t really […]

Pistaccio Pesto


Had some leftover fresh basil, and thought “what can one make with basil?” Pesto came to mind, of course. No pine nuts in the house, so thought pistaccio nuts might be a (reasonably passable) substitute. And even if they didn’t completely work, it’d be an interesting experiment. Turns out the flavors fit together quite nicely. […]

Bush’s RNC Speech


George W. Bush’s RNC Speech. Need to read.