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Monthly Archives: November 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sidewalk Artistry


Kurt Wenner is a sidewalk chalk artist with an amazing sense of perspective… Here’s a few Dante-inspired pics that are pretty amazing: You can see more here.



as this CNN article describes, there’s an ancient, near-extinct language called Silbo that is whistled, not spoken (in Spanish silbar == to whistle). Supposedly, it allows the speaker (err, whistler) to communicate over long distances… Listen to a sample of it here. Interesting…

Under the dim flickering of the flourescent strip lighting…


Ok, dig this: words, synchopated to jazz in an amazingly both-rough-and-smooth and thought provoking fashion. This is what the web shoulda done to nouveaux-art a long long time ago… “My Secret Trip to Pyongyang: Forbidden Love on the Haeoondae” seriously, you gotta check this out…