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Category Archives: copious spare time

google-driven voyeurism


a recent mefi post suggests a wonderful google query. This basically finds webcams that (un)intentionally publically broadcast on the internets. It’s so weird to see slices of everyday life from remote corners of the world… a japanese petshop a place called “ocean park” a busy street in macao a random spot in the university of […]

more wikis


Finally got down to it and installed a wiki. MoinMoin was easy to config on Gentoo but a pain for Fedora Core 1. MediaWiki, in contrast, was a breeze to install on both. It feels like a little overkill for my needs (way too much cruft for a personal “offboard brain” with only one user), […]



Just got Mozilla Calendar installed. Now, as of version 0.8, it can finally read Apple iCal format files, which is what I’d been waiting for. Looks nice and shiny, lots of promise. Still, there’s things that need to be done Import all the base holiday dates (Apple’s iCal library page has them) Write a script […]

Choosing a Wiki


Looking for a good personal wiki. There are too many choices out there. Need something robust/fully featured enough to do what I need, and simple to install. Blog integration would be nice, as would facets/labels (a la and gmail). A google for “wiki feature comparison” brought up this: Wiki Choice Tree, which in turn […]

CPAN and You


How to use CPAN to install a perl module CPAN Frequently Asked Questions

Rhythmbox, iTunes, and mp3 organization


Some dude wrote a python script to convert your iTunes library xml file to rhythmbox’s library xml file (mirrored here). I like the idea of iTunes’ automatic filesystem organization for mp3s, but I’m unhappy with the fact that it creates so many singleton “artist_name_folder/album_name_folder”folders. Need to write a script to parse thru the library and […]

mp3s from my car


mp3 fm transmitter (Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter (F8V3080) ) mp3 cd player Memorex MPD8610-06(a little expensive) circuit city’s goods maybe something a little cheaper (there has to be something better out there…)

myhacks: align, excel2csv,


file under *tocode will prolly take just as much time to write as it will to scope out. simple script to align the columns in a multi-column file: it’ll take in a file of tab-sep or multi-space sep columns, read it all in, and have the length of the space between columns be the length […]

stuff i want to learn


vi procmail mutt cron wget arabic hindi german lisp or scheme the use of subliminal psychology in day-to-day interpersonal interactions how to use cards as deadly throwing weapons

firefox extensions


from a /. thread this morning: firefox extensions (here are some hacks to get them to work in 0.9.1 again like they did in 0.8) tabbed browser extensions adblock good adblock rules